Research Log #1

I am currently charged with the monumental task of compiling research on the University of Mary Washington during the 1940s. I am sharing the task of perusing photographs and compiling information from interviews with others in my group; On top of that I am also going over University of Mary Washington: A Centennial History, 1908-2008.

There are a massive number of photos in the Centennial Collection, almost 150 alone from the 1940s. So many of these photographs give us a peek at the past and how life on campus was over six decades ago. The photos are all in black and white but are of a surprisingly good quality. These photo’s allow us a physical glance into the classrooms and from these we can get a sense of what the students are experiencing.

University of Mary Washington: A Centennial History, 1908-2008 by William B. Crawley Jr. is one of the most illuminating pieces of literature that can be found about the University of Mary Washington. This narrative spans 100 years of history at the University and gives us, as history scholars, an invaluable look into the past of the University of Mary Washington.

The book itself is brand-spanking-new, courtesy of theĀ  Department History and American Studies. The book should prove insanely useful to highlight certain issues of the decade in question and we can see how certain events like international conflicts, natural disasters, and an ever-changing society. I have just started my research and I can already tell that the 1940s was probably one of the most interesting times for someone to be working, learning, or living at Mary Washington College. It is quite the honor to be researching one of America’s greatest generations of women. Cheers.


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